The Woodland Trail at Big Bear Lake


The Woodland Trail is an easy, 1.5 mile interpretive loop hike with nice views of the forest and Big Bear Lake. It's dog friendly but leashes are required. When we arrived, the parking lot was packed and we braced ourselves for a crowded hike. But as it turned out, most people were there for tobogganing and the hills at the trailhead were swarming with kids on brightly colored sleds. The trail itself was covered in about 6 - 8 inches of snow, so not surprisingly, we were the only ones actually hiking. It was an entire winter wonderland of an untouched snowy landscape all to ourselves which felt incredibly peaceful and serene. It was especially magical when the wind would blow the snow off the trees and it looked like snow was falling on a sunny day. 

The trail is called "interpretive" because along the way, there are 16 numbered posts for hikers to learn about the wildlife, geology and botany of the area with the help of this handy map/trail guide. The guide can be printed or picked up at the Big Bear Discovery Center. 

Hoku had fun trudging and plowing his way through the thick layers of snow. He was especially fascinated by the smells around fallen tree trunks, probably because all sorts of furry critters were taking shelter inside. 

After the hike, we had a small picnic of spam musubis near the parking lot, where there are bathrooms and picnic tables. It'd be fun to do this hike again after the snow melts. I imagine it to look like a completely different trail!