May Gray

This gloomy May weather has been bumming me out. It's almost the perfect metaphor/ pathetic fallacy for the creative block I've been kind of feeling these days. While walking Hoku yesterday, I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I took my camera out on one of our daily walks. It's funny how easily things can become routine, mundane and ordinary when there's so much inspiration in the everyday. I also couldn't remember the last time I wanted to shoot...not to document a trip, not for a job, not because I felt like I needed to update my Instagram feed, but just for the joy of it. So today, I did just that. No headphones, no looking at a screen...just me, my camera and my dog. Just like how this whole crazy journey started.

Anyway, I love how this set of images turned out, and all thanks to the cloudy skies and overcast light I've been hating on. Take that, May Gray. You can't bring me down.  


The bandana Hoku's wearing was made by our super talented Insta-friend, Tracy (@chelseatheterrier), mom of two of our favorite scruffy pups, Chelsea and Emma. Check out her Etsy shop, Kawaii Hound, for cute handmade booties, bandanas and accessories.