Southwest Road Trip Part 2: Bryce Canyon National Park

The day after our White Pocket tour, the forecast in Kanab was rain. All. Day. Long. Our original plans were to hike through the slot canyons of Wire Pass and Buckskin Gulch, but were warned that the road to get there would most likely be slick and muddy. So what does one do when it rains at 5000'? Head to 8000' and play in SNOW, of course. So after another unsuccessful morning at The Wave lottery, we started on the hour and a half drive from Kanab to Bryce Canyon National Park through Dixie National Forest. Along the way, we stopped in the local Dollar Family to pick up two Lunchables (the ham and cheese ones) and a can of Pringles because 1. we are still the kids who met in third grade and 2. this was vacation and diet be damned.


After a snowy drive in, we arrived at the Bryce Canyon park entrance, renewed our annual National Parks membership, and headed straight for the dog friendly trail between Sunrise Point and Sunset Point that overlooks the park's namesake Bryce Amphitheater. The red hoodoos covered in a layer of crisp white snow was even more magnificent in person than in pictures. I swear the two of us let out a "Wow" in unison as it all came into view while Hoku probably thought, Oh, a gray canyon... 


It snowed intermittently as we walked along the rim of the amphitheater, washing out the views in a veil of white but to be honest the snow showers were my favorite part of the entire day. It was Hoku's first snowfall and to have it happen against the backdrop of this incredible red canyon was pure magic. 


Afterwards, we started on the 20.5 mile Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive in hopes of hitting up all the dog friendly view points along the way. As we made our way to Rainbow Point, the highest lookout in Bryce Canyon at 9115', my secret wish for more snow came true. I didn't even mind that there was hardly a view there at all. While everyone else huddled in their cars to wait it out, we gleefully ran through the flurries and played in the snow (as any level-headed Hawaiian turned Southern Californian would) until our dog turned into a four-legged popsicle. 


After Rainbow Point, it didn't seem like the snow would be easing up anytime soon so we decided to call it a day before the weather worsened. On the way out, we made a quick stop at the Visitor's Center to pick up some souvenirs. Hoku waited patiently for us in the car, all cozied up in his sherpa blanket while the snow continued to fall outside. When we returned, David surprised him with a new coyote friend. We had to get a souvenir for him too, of course. It was love at first sight and they became fast travel buds as you can see from crappy phone photo below that was too cute not to share!

It was a really, really good day. Snow makes everything better.