San Francisco Chinatown

I love SF Chinatown. Yes, even the kitschy stretch of Grant Ave that begins at the landmark Dragon’s Gate, with its bright red lanterns and flashy store signs with “oriental” typefaces. But walk up one block to Stockton and the real Chinatown emerges, with its produce stands, Chinese language newspapers and the familiar sound of Cantonese chatter. 

If there was good dim sum to be found, we knew we’d find it here. And sure enough, we discovered Good Mong Kok Bakery, a hole-in-the-wall, mom-and-pop, take-out dim sum and pastry shop. Even though it was early on a Tuesday morning, there was already a line of locals out the door, which is generally the universal sign that whatever is inside is worth the wait. 

Hoku handled all the loud noises and hustle and bustle of foot traffic extremely well, though he did jump a little when one of the MUNI buses released its air brakes. He even lied down while we were in line at the bakery (a really good sign that he’s calm!) and waited very patiently while Aunty Anj and Aunty Janelle bought food, sniffing and licking his lips at every delicious smelling bag that left the store as other customers walked out.

I did take extra precaution to keep make sure he didn’t eat questionable things off the ground (it is Chinatown after all), but he somehow managed to snatch a piece of chow mein that someone dropped with ninja speed. Oh well, at least he got a small taste of Chinatown too.