Hello Golden Gate Bridge

Day 2 // Part 2: Golden Gate Bridge

I suppose no trip to San Francisco would be complete without a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge. And thanks to his amazing Aunty Anj who drove all the way into the city from Palo Alto, Hoku was able to ride in her car to go see it instead of having to wear a muzzle on the bus (MUNI rules. More on this in the upcoming cable car post.) 

The first part of the bridge was all sorts of madness because of the heavy foot traffic, bicyclists and the loud noises from vehicles zipping past. Talk about overstimulation for a pup from the suburbs! But Hoku was a good dog and stuck close to us until we neared the center of the bridge at which point there were a lot less people and we could all breathe a little easier and enjoy the views. Hoku loved sticking his snout between the separations of the bridge to get whiffs of the bay below and spot seagulls.

And in a gesture of love to Aunty Anj, Hoku planted a nice wet kiss on her right in the middle of the bridge. Who knew he could be such a romantic?