People Watching in Union Square

We took a more leisurely stroll around the Union Square area today to give Hoku a break from all the long walks we’ve been taking lately. After soaking up some sun and people watching in Union Square Park, which had turned into a fine art gallery for the afternoon, we wandered over to the Stockton Street Tunnel entrance and took the staircase up to the overpass where Hoku almost got his head stuck in the gaps of the bridge. (I think I’m starting to see a trend.) He also seems to have developed a fondness for walking up and down SF’s steep hills. Go figure since he’s always loved stairs!

Today was Aunty Janelle’s last day with us in the best city in the world before heading back to the greatest city in the world, NYC. (And yes, there’s a difference! We had a highly intellectual discussion about this.) Hoku had a lot of fun with her around and will miss her lots