Shiba On A Cable Car

We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to beat the crowds and were first in line for the cable cars at the Powell-Market turntable. Muni’s pet policy is pretty strict and includes the following rules:

1. Dogs can only ride during non-peak hours, which are basically weekends and weekdays between the morning and afternoon rush

2. Only one dog is allowed on a Muni vehicle at a time

3. Dogs must be leashed and muzzled

4. Dogs must ride on their owner’s lap

5. Dogs must pay a fare equal to their owner

Like his people, Hoku got his very own one-day Muni passport, which costs $14 for unlimited rides. (Otherwise, single rides on the cable cars are $6 per trip, every time you hop on and off.) As for a “muzzle,” we got him a gentle leader head collar which wrapped around his snout. So technically it wasn’t a real muzzle, but Hoku played the cute card so well that the cable car operators didn’t question it, even after he pawed it off halfway through the ride. And luckily, no other tourist dog decided to ride the cable cars that morning, which was no surprise at $6 a pop!

It was a bumpy ride and the sounds of the cranking metal gears and ringing bell were pretty loud, but Hoku was calm and well-behaved, lying down on our laps while taking in the sights.