LA Dog Friends Annual Party 2014

Hoku had a doggy reunion with his motley crew of LA friends this past weekend: Mochi the shih-tzu, Charcoal the goldendoodle, Abby the sheltie and Cody the bulldog. He had only been with us for a couple of weeks when we brought him here to meet everyone last February and it’s amazing how much happier and relaxed he was this time. Last year, all he really wanted to do was sit on the side and be left alone while the other dogs played.  

Sadly for us humans, none of the dogs wanted to go on the slide this time for some reason, but they all had fun running amuck in and around the pool. Here are some takeaways from LA Dog Reunion 2014: 

1. You can’t keep a goldendoodle out of the water.

2. Bulldogs are misunderstood by other dogs.

3. If there were a doggy Olympics, shih-tzus would totally dominate the rings event.

4. Out of 20+ attempts to get a decent doggy group picture, two out of three dogs will be sitting nicely in one of the shots and that will be the best take of the day. (Treats help.)