Packing Our Bags for San Francisco

It’s official! We’re packing our bags and headed up to San Francisco next week! (Or as Hoku would say, “Wan” Francisco.) David is attending a work conference so Hoku and I decided to tag along since the Westin at Union Square is dog friendly and has some nice pet amenities.

It will be Hoku’s first time on the road for longer than 2 hours (we’re looking at about 8-10 hours from SD to SF), so we’re hoping that a more comfortable rental car, frequent stops and Benadryl will help with his usual car sickness. It will also be his first time staying at a hotel so we’ll be bringing a few of his favorite toys to make him feel more at home. 

Here are some of the other things on his packing list:

Wet wipes
Plastic bags
Paper towels
First aid kit
Folding water bowl
Water bottle

Poop bags
Extra leash/ harness
Dog Brush
Medical records (in case he gets sick)
Hoku’s photo (in case he gets lost)

The last two items were suggestions I found on this checklist on Dog Jaunt, a blog about traveling with dogs. Really great tips for emergencies.

I’ve already started making a list of dog-friendly things for me and Hoku to do around the city while David’s at his conference, which surprisingly includes the cable cars! How fun is that going to be for a dog that loves sticking his head out of car windows, right?