A Dog Mom's Day Hike Up Cowles Mountain

On Mother’s Day Sunday, we woke up at what we thought was a bright and early hour to hike up Cowles Mountain in Mission Trails Regional Park. It’s one of the most popular hikes in San Diego so we thought we’d be geniuses and get there at 7am to beat the crowds. However, by the time we pulled in to the tiny parking lot, it was not only completely full (with cars waiting for spots), groups of hikers were already leaving having apparently hiked up to watch the sunrise. We ended up parking about half a mile down the street! 

Cowles Mountain was probably one of the busiest trails we’ve ever hiked aside from maybe Diamond Head on Oahu. Still, it was fascinating to see the diversity of hikers of all age groups and athletic abilities (as well as all breeds of dogs, large and small, including another shiba) huffing and puffing up the mountain in solidarity. Even with the heavy foot traffic, people were very courteous about letting faster hikers move ahead, and those with dogs kept them close and walking so there were no issues at all. Overall the three of us got a good workout and we loved the views of the green rolling hills at the top.

A happy belated Mother’s Day to all the fur baby moms out there!