San Francisco, Here We Come!

Our road trip from San Diego to San Francisco started bright and early at 8am. In preparation for the 10-hour drive, we took Hoku on a long walk in the morning and gave him some Benadryl with a small breakfast. We packed our things into our (spacious! 4-door!) rental Hyundai Santa Fe, strapped Hoku in to his car seat and we were off!

We made our usual stop in Irvine to pick up some breakfast and a sea salt coffee at 85C Bakery before hitting some traffic through LA (no surprise). Once we passed downtown LA, it was smooth sailing from there.  

Hoku would alternate between napping, watching his backseat buddy Aunty Janelle snack on BBQ kettle chips and looking out the window at the world passing by. Every 2-3 hours, we would pull over to a rest stop to let him stretch his legs and do his business. It was great to see that many rest stops along the way had designated pet areas. Fort Tejon right outside of LA was one of the nicest stops, with clean, spacious grassy areas and free poop bags at every patch of grass! 

Before taking off again, we’d wipe Hoku’s paws (in case he stepped on something funky on the pet grass) and offer him some water from his bright yellow Gulpy bottle. The bowl part is actually attached to the bottle and since its a squeeze bottle, we could control how much water is dispensed. 

I’m happy to report that Hoku survived the entire trip without getting car sick. In fact, he probably had the most comfortable ride out of all of us in his cushy little car seat surrounded by all his toys. All in all, the drive did not feel like 10 hours (probably because we were in such great company) but by the time we rolled over the new Bay Bridge, the view of downtown San Francisco at sunset was a welcome sight for sore butts.