Thankful 2013

Our Thanksgiving this year was a sweet little celebration that filled our tiny apartment with warmth and good spirits. Since we don’t have a proper dining table, we had a space-saving buffet-style dinner that was a mix of traditional dishes like turkey and roast potatoes to local favorites that we grew up with like spicy ahi poke and a custard AND peach pear pie flown all the from the amazing Lee’s Bakery in Hawaii (thanks Mom!) 

Ever the opportunist, Hoku sat under and around the table for the entire meal before settling next to grandma who we discovered was sneaking him bits of rice. For the grand finale, Hoku finally got to eat his mini pumpkin pie (he only had a small sample of it earlier in the day), which David cut up into smaller pieces for easier chewing. He gobbled it up in seconds, of course, before stretching out smugly under the dessert table for the rest of the evening.