A University Heights Dog Map

So guess what, we’re moving to LA this summer! It’s really bittersweet because even though David will be starting a new dream job we’re sad to be leaving wonderful friends and our awesome little neighborhood of University Heights. We’re sadder still that Hoku will be saying goodbye to some of his neighborhood friends (including his BFF Kai) and all the parks, walking routes and people he’s grown to know and love since he’s made his home with us. But I guess you can’t really tell a dog these things. 

To share our amazing, super dog-friendly, best kept secret corner of San Diego to the world, I drew a map of the neighborhood with some of our favorite spots. This little piece of the world has been our whole life for the past two years, where David and I started our married lives together and where Hoku became part of our family, so it will always have a special place in our hearts. Cheers to new beginnings!