Recipe: Sweet Potato Pretzels

The second treat we made for Hoku were sweet potato pretzels, adapted from another Dog Milk recipe. Because of Hoku’s potential for wheat allergies, we substituted almond flour for whole wheat flour. The hardest part of the process was twisting the dough into the pretzel shapes. Not sure if it’s because of the almond flour substitution, but our dough tubes seemed to break apart quite easily during the twisting. We made about 14 pretzels total and lightly sprinkled some unsweetened coconut flakes over each one to give it that salted pretzel look.

With the leftover sweet potato, we made little hoku-shaped (star-shaped) potato chips by slicing up the sweet potato into thin pieces, cutting out the shapes by hand and baking them. Cookie cutters would work great here for nice, even shapes. 

Note: Each pretzel is approximately 100 calories (mainly from the almond flour), so again it’s one of those extra extra special treats we’ll only give Hoku on occasion. He gobbled one up in less than 5 seconds so you know it’s that good. 

Note #2: So we made the mistake of baking these at 175F instead of 175C! No wonder we had to double the bake time to get them not to crumble. Must read recipes better next time :)