A Sunset Walk at La Jolla Shores

We found ourselves back in San Diego for a few hours last week and naturally, headed straight for the beach! I never knew I could miss seeing the ocean this much but there’s just something about it that just feels very homey and comforting and just melts all the stress away.

While David was in a meeting (sorry David), Hoku and I walked the entire stretch of La Jolla Shores, past the park, under Scripps Pier and along the cliffs. Dogs are allowed on most San Diego beaches after 6pm until 9am (summer hours) and luckily for us, there weren’t too many other dogs around so we practically had the place to ourselves. It was beyond gorgeous and relaxing and if I could take Hoku for a walk on the beach every day, I think I might just live a few more years. 

And let me tell you, there must be something about sunset at the beach because Hoku was totally copacetic with getting his paws wet this time. He didn’t jump in the water or anything like that, but I think he might have actually enjoyed walking along the edge of the sand and having the tide wash up on his paws. MAGIC hour.