Balboa Park is our Backyard

We live in a pretty small apartment so whenever we walk past some of the bigger homes in our neighborhood, especially the ones with nice, open green spaces, I get serious yard envy. So until the day comes that we move into a place that has an outdoor space for Hoku to frolic as he pleases, Balboa Park is pretty much our backyard. All 1200 acres!

Last Sunday, we drove down to the park for a change of scenery from our usual neighborhood walking routes. Hoku, by the way, loves having the trunk space in the Outback all to himself with his comfy doggy seat, a panoramic view of the outside world zooming by, and a personalized storage box to keep all his stuff in (thanks Mom!) At the park, we switched him over to his flexi leash and off he went, chasing squirrels up trees, exploring new scents and basically loving the freedom (all 25 feet worth of flexi leash freedom) to just be a doge.