Idyllwild Day 2: Snow in Southern California!


We started crossing our fingers for snow back in November. Not that the weather in San Diego is anything to complain about, but snow is just one of those things I miss the most about living on the East Coast. Sadly, the weather in Idyllwild last weekend was just slightly too warm with no chance of precipitation. (In the end, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it made our drive up the mountain much smoother, and the sunny weather was perfect for exploring and hiking.)

To our surprise though, there were still patches of snow on the ground from the previous weeks and Hoku finally got his chance to see it for the first time in his life. A true snow dog at heart, he didn’t seem too fazed by it or bothered by the coldness on his paws. He just sniffed at it a lot, made some paw prints, and of course, left his mark.