Bright And Early at Lake Poway

We woke up bright and early to hike the Lake Poway Loop with our friend Mike. It was a nice, breezy high 70’s and the morning sunlight just made everything magical. Unlike Los Penasquitos, Hoku actually finished the entire hike this time. All 3.2 miles! He never stopped to lie down and was friendly with the dogs we met along the way. Morning hikes seem to make all the difference for this two-coated dog. The weather forecast had Poway reaching temperatures into the high 90’s later in the day, so we made sure we were done and out of there by around 10am.

There is a $5 fee to park at the Lake Poway Recreational Area. I was surprised to find out how much there is to do there besides the trails, such as night fishing and pedal boating on the lake. Also, around the parking lot is an expansive, beautifully-manicured picnic area with the greenest grass you’ll ever see. 

Next time we come back, it’s up Mt. Woodson to see the famous Potato Chip rock.