Welcome Home, Hoku!

Today, we picked up Hoku from Riverside, which is a two-hour drive from San Diego. We were so nervous to meet him and he was a little nervous too. He spent 10 minutes sniffing at us, walking away but coming back closer and staying with us longer each time. Unlike his sister and cousins, he was calm, quiet and didn’t complain when he got pushed around. He just stood there and looked at us with his charming Shiba smile and we fell in love.

On the way home, Hoku got car sick and threw up in the backseat. Luckily for me, it was on the second leg of the drive and I had just taken over the wheel. David handled it like a pro and held a paper bag in front of Hoku the rest of the way.

We had watched The Dog Whisperer religiously in preparation for Hoku so following Cesar’s advice, we took Hoku on a walk down Madison right after hopping out of the car. Not sure if was the best idea after all because Hoku was a stressball the entire walk and was very reactive to all the new smells, noises, and people of University Heights. We tried to make him sit before crossing the street, but he didn’t know how so David would try to gently nudge his butt down. He didn’t care for that.

When we got home, we let him explore the house a little. We showed him his crate and his dog bed and tried to give him some water. Instead, he just wanted to sit by the door. Poor little guy must miss his family so much.