A Fall Camping Trip

As we drove into the mountains for our much-anticipated annual camping trip with friends, we rolled down the windows to take in the brisk air and views of the changing leaves while Hoku stuck his head out to take in the smells. After one brutal Southern California summer heatwave after another, it felt pretty wonderful to finally experience Fall in all its glory. (And after a busy few months of traveling and preparing to launch Fox & Bagel, it was even more amazing to be back outdoors for the first time since our backpacking trip in June.)

In a nutshell, we hiked, laughed hysterically over a game of Balderdash by campfire light, toasted an engagement with champagne, barbecued burgers, roasted marshmallows, and awoke wide-eyed to a pack of coyotes howling in the middle of the night. In the morning, we ate breakfast burritos wrapped in campfire-toasted tortillas and washed it down with hot coffee.

We left in clothes smelling like ash, with aching backs (because 30-year old backs don't recover from sleeping on a cold, hard ground as quickly as 20-year old backs), a dog covered in dirt, and another year of good camp memories with friends. To be honest, is there anything better? 


Shi-Boba: A DIY Halloween Boba COSTUME for PUPS

It began over a sushi dinner five days before Halloween. David jokingly suggested that Hoku be bubble tea and I laughed, pulling out my phone to show him this brilliant Oh Happy Day boba costume I had just pinned. It's probably too ambitious to make a dog version though, I told him. But over one too many sushi rolls and a bottle of sake, we were committed, a little too tipsy/proud of the final blueprint we had sketched on the paper sleeve that once housed a pair of wooden chopsticks. By the time our check arrived, an Amazon order had been placed for costume materials...along with some saved-for-later items. (Don't drink and Amazon, guys.) 

Fast forward to Halloween and we've been floored by the response that Hoku's costume got on Instagram! I got several requests to share how it's made so I've outlined the materials and steps below. It's designed after our Fox & Bagel boba pin, hence my specific color choices, but you can make the straw and lid any color you like.

A final note. This costume is not appropriate for all dogs and is not designed for mobility. Hoku is a really chill pup and wore it with absolutely no issue at all. (He really only had it on for a few minutes for some quick photos.) We would never ever make him wear or do anything if he showed any sign of unease, so please just be aware of what your dog is comfortable with before starting on this project! 



Bannister guard (plastic cup)
Poster board + spray paint (lid)
Gold wrapping paper (straw)
5" black balloons (tapioca/ boba)
Circle compass cutter
Clear packing tape


Let's start with the cup. Have your pup sit and use a tape measure or piece of string to make a circle around the circumference of their body in sitting position. Then measure the height from the ground to their chest. This will give you your circumference and height. Unroll the bannister guard and cut it according to your pup's measurements. Make sure there is ample room in the circumference for them to be sitting comfortably. Use clear packing tape to attach the two ends together to form a cylinder. 


Use the circumference of the cylinder to trace a circle on the poster board. This will be your lid. Then use a compass cutter to cut two holes; a larger one for your pup's head and a smaller hole for the straw. Make sure the larger hole has ample room for it to slip easily and comfortably over their head.


You can use color poster board or paint it to get a specific color. While the lid dries, start blowing up your 5" black balloons. Make sure the balloons are small and round. 


After your lid is thoroughly dry, attach it to the top of the plastic cup using clear scotch tape on the inside. Leave a small section untaped for adding in the boba balloons later. Then cut a semi-circle at the lower rear of the plastic cup for your pup's tail.


Try it on your pup to make sure everything fits properly. 


Carefully insert the straw and add the balloons, either from the small untaped section of the lid or from the bottom of the cup. And that's it. Have fun!


Fox & Bagel

It started as a New Year's resolution (not one, but two years ago) to challenge myself and launch a design-related online shop. It was a journey filled with self-doubt, costly setbacks, and tears, lots of tears, but an incredible lesson in keeping at it when I wanted to throw in the towel more days than not. Today, I'm so thrilled to announce that my humble, little digital storefront finally claimed it's own tiny corner of the interwebs!

I designed a small collection of pins and patches inspired by some of my most favorite things in the world, including dogs, the great outdoors, Asian noodles, boba and my home state of Hawaii. (Spam musubi pin, anyone? Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it ;) 


Fox & Bagel is a play on lox & bagel, which we all know originated from the one and only NYC, a city that will always hold a dear place in my heart. It is where I moved to on a whim to pursue something more in my life after working for four years at an advertising desk job. (Though, here's some fun facts: I started off as an assistant media buyer, moved into copywriting writing TV and radio spots for Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Hawaii, and was helping to manage the Ala Moana Shopping Center account when I left!) New York City is where I found a new spark, confidence and my creative voice.  And as for the "fox" part, I'm sure you know where that came from. He's the furry guy sitting next to me in the profile photo on the right! 

corgi_hat copy.jpg

It's been a labor of love and I hope you'll spend a few minutes to take a peek and let me know what you think. I'm also hosting a little giveaway on our @hellohoku Instagram account right now if you're interested in winning a free pin and a free patch! 

And finally, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with us and reading this dusty old blog even though I'm terrible at posting consistently! You're the best, truly :)